Extinction Party is the second album by Dismembered Sound Booth, building on the runaway tragedy of their first album, All Are Friends Our Dead. The themes explored on this album are the absurdity of racism, the menace of the state and society, Hackney, the notion of beauty, the dangers of normal people, alcoholism, surgical operations, Eton, foxhunting, violence, suicide, not taking no shit, religion, extinction, and disaster, baby. Also featuring a guest vocal performance by legendary Tackhead Sound System head mangler extraordinaire, Gary Clail.

So, relax, turn it up and enter the wonderful, intimidating but highly listenable world of Dismembered Sound Booth, as a guest at their Extinction Party.

Dismembered Sound Booth are a non-profit organisation. We make music because if we didn’t we’d probably all be dead by now. Help save our lives by giving a small donation. However, if you’re mildly amused by the thought of us all dying, then this product is available at no cost.

Available on Bandcamp – name your price! https://dismemberedsoundbooth.bandcamp.com/album/extinction-party

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, and all major platforms.

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