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Essential Music Releases – 2018


‘Dismembered Sound Booth’ EP –

Dismembered Sound Booth is a newborn project which has packed a major punch from the get-go, drawing together a collective of musicians, photographers, artists, poets and filmmakers which make up an energetic, creative fold that is destined to weave their uninhibited art into a vibrant tapestry of ingenuity and inspiration that’s destined to ignite this world on fire! Most certainly their communal endeavours offer a positive channel in unifying like-minded creatives through musical and artistic expression and as this project flourishes it will allow those participating members to vent, explore, challenge and expand their creative passions. Out of this collective fold comes, Dismembered Sound Booth’s, self-titled, debut Ep, which is set for release within the month of January, along with limited edition artwork to accompany their CD format distributions. The Ep has been written & produced by the collective energies of DSB’s founder and member, Michael West, along with Mark Rathmell, Giles Hearn, Brian Coleman, Natalie Simpson & Robert Fox. A mega stimulating collaborative fusion of idiosyncratic songwriting, striking vocals, a  mash of genre styles and quality production. Lead vocalist, Mark Rathmell, explains, “DSB write lyrics that range in subject matter, from the borning to the terrifying”. The collective has already released the single track, ‘Favorite Ways To Die’ from their forthcoming, four-track Ep, accompanied by a music video which group member, Chris Noir Vortex Godber superbly spliced and edited together. Vocalist, Mark explains that “In Favorite Ways To Die’ the lyrics are ostensibly about owning the way you choose to go, existential bravado in the face of the void, how you can aim yourself at the future and miss”; no doubt the Ep shall be released in digital format over on Bandcamp in January as well as the physical, artwork I mentioned above.  Personally, I feel excited about taking this distinctive gem under my wing, in support of such an exceptional creatively collective idea, I will most certainly be reviewing this four-track EP over the next few days here on Revel Rouser so, keep your eyes peeled for that!…In the meantime, you can tune into their debut, self-titled Ep on the following DSB SoundCloud link – https://soundcloud.com/dismemberedsoundbooth  & check out their music video below to listen to the first track off the Ep titled, ‘Favorite Ways To Die’. Follow & give a Thumbs Up! on the following social media page.  –  https://www.facebook.com/Dismembered-Sound-Booth-120979385171598/  ~&~ Last but not least become a member and SUPPORT the DSB crew within their ‘Patreon’ page, to interact and receive special bonuses each and every month with your appreciative donations – http://www.patreon.com/DismemberedSoundBooth

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