The idea for Dismembered Sound Booth was born out of a humble discarded piece of wood from a wardrobe in June 2017. The wardrobe wouldn’t fit in our house, so we smashed it up, and from there the words “Dismembered Sound Booth” came into our heads. We still to this day don’t know why! We drew the words onto a piece of the wardrobe, turned it into a piece of garden art, and nothing more was thought about it at that moment in time. Shortly after assembling the sculpture, the idea to create a musical collective came to us using musicians and artists we have worked with under different guises throughout the years: The Who Boys, The Tony Crackburn Orchestra, Pilchard.

The idea wasn’t to form a “normal” band where everyone had set roles, it naturally developed that we would exchange instruments and vocal duties, which gives us our unique sound. We are also based in different parts of the country, and one member is in Colorado, USA. We get together every other month to jam out ideas, and from there we all work remotely to produce the tracks. By working like this, we don’t necessarily need to all be in the same room together.

The sound we are creating spans a variety of genres, from electro-pop to thrash metal to post punk, to disco to spoken word, and all points in-between, so not bound by genre. On paper this could sound unfocused or muddled, but the sound we create always maintains the Dismembered Sound Booth stamp, which helps with building our identity. In the 12 months we have been together, we have produced almost 50 tracks, and our sound seems to get better and better. We also do our own artwork, which again helps with our own unique brand.

DSB’s lyrics explore unusual territory in terms of subject matter and themes, from overpopulation, to the evils of privatisation, to senile dementia, to the newly-recognised phenomenon of the gammon (white, middle-aged conservative with high blood pressure) and, most recently, bankers escaping to outer space and meeting a terrible fate.

Dismembered Sound Booth are:

Michael West
Natalie Simpson
Mark Rathmell

Giles Hearn
Brian Coleman